[INSTIZ] Today, Crush Beer released Karina’s official photo.

Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Crush Beer released Karina's official photo today.

1. Crush is so delicious…

2. Wow, but the first picture looks like real AI. It looks like it was made on a bench. That popular AI.
(reference photo)

3. That photo really looks like AI, it’s awesome

4. She looks like a video game panel, and her visuals seem unreal.

5. Karina is more like AI than AI lol.

6. It really looks like AI

7. Simply put, why is Karina with that man…?

8. Wow, you can edit photos like on a fan site.

9. Karina is a goddess

10. Wow, that photo with the can of beer…. His face is really the size of a fist.
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