What impact will AI voices have on the K-pop industry?

article: “Inducing goosebumps” What should celebrities do with AI replacement?

source: Herald Economy via Naver

[+1,558, -58] Singers have already stitched together recordings and edited various things, so they are no different from machines now.

[+827, -47] Celebrities didn't care when robots replaced baristas, but now they act like they care when their livelihoods are at stake.

[+470, -24] Who cares in the end? There was a time when I suffered from Seo Taiji, but Korean singers are 100% auto-tuned anyway. Live songs are also automatically tuned during live time, so what interest is there in letting AI take over? Because it affects your pocket? lol

[+327, -63] Celebrity is the number one occupation that should disappear

[+115, -1] The industry is so bloated. Anyway, earning 1 billion won per episode is ridiculous.

[+43, -0] If AI starts performing better than AI, it may eliminate all the fakes in the industry.

[+54, -20] I mean, the problem at hand is that these singers didn't consent to their voices being used like this by AI.

[+32, -1] I'm tired of celebrities making that much money to show off the houses they own and the cars they drive on TV. Replace them all with AI.

[+29, -3] Why are singers scared? Haha, thanks to capitalism, I've already made billions with my voice and looks. If AI replaces them, it would still be capitalism at work, right?

[+17, -1] They're just upset that they can't take advantage of it.

[+16, -0] So, aren’t the kids on music shows called idols, not singers? Haha, the song is basically MR/AR. I doubt that even 10% of their own songs will be sung haha ​​Some groups have to sing live as encores and show off their skills, so it's so bad that even if they get first place, they don't benefit hahahaha

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