Netizens are angry about death of horse in tv series set ‘Taejong of Joseon’

Source: Naver

1. [+2,605, – 65] I won’t watch this dramatization. My heart can’t acknowledge the languishing of a creature over my delight in a Network program.

2. [+1,179, – 12] The pony must’ve been seriously harmed… this is obviously creature misuse

3. [+1,002, – 9] This could’ve been accomplished through CG, would they say they are insane to put both human and creature through this?

4. [+702, – 7] I thought it was done through CG however they truly constrained a pony to fall… how did the pony merit this? Where could your ethics be?

5. [+214, – 1] The making video is much seriously surprising… For this one scene, they secured the pony and constrained it to fall over.. I felt so terrible. This is simply so terrible…

Source: Naver

1. [+1,458, – 4] The pony wound up kicking the bucket?? I’m so irate, why are individuals so malicious?

2. [+1,097, – 6] My fury is percolating. For what reason was this scene even significant for a pony to be killed over? How could it be any unique in relation to killing an individual for the ‘authenticity’ of a scene? Is this viewed as OK since it was a creature? I can’t accept something so boorish is as yet occurring in 2022…

3. [+469, – 4] You should be crazy!!! You did this to a sound pony only for a show scene???? This dramatization needs to slump

4. [+292, – 4] Now, the pony’s demise appears to be purposeful

5. [+196, – 1] Could they not possess utilized their intellect to consider alternate ways of shooting this scene;; murmur

Source: Naver

1. [+2,974, – 66] Simply take the show off air

2. [+2,557, – 11] For what reason are the makers guaranteeing the pony got up just after the mishap? In the video I watched, you could see the pony in shock and his back legs kicking in torment. He was unable to try and get back up. But then the makers are asserting he got up fine and dandy and began strolling? Was a vet even on set to make sure that there were no wounds? In the event that the pony passed on seven days later, that implies he was languishing over the whole time after the mishap. I’m really stunned that the makers posted this as a conciliatory sentiment, that they’re simply dealing with this like some lamentable occasion without working through the reality of what occurred.

3. [+1,531, – 11] “Lamentable” would you say you are messing with me at this moment? You killed a pony through misuse and you think a conciliatory sentiment like this will make everything disappear? Assume liability for everything and bring the dramatization down. Amazing, would you say you are even human? All you care about is the way in which the scene looks on screen? Why not kill people in the meantime as well, then, at that point? What’s more I can’t completely accept that they had the dauntlessness to just keep an eye on the pony seven days after the fact to discover that it passed on…

4. [+1,173, – 6] The chief is a maniac! The pony experienced an astonishing physical issue that it needed to live with for seven days before it passed. What on earth!!!

5. [+954, – 13] This present dramatization’s no show, it’s a snuff film. No feeling of ethics by any means. To see the chief barely care about a life for some show scene makes me think the main arrangement is to take the dramatization totally off air.

Source: Naver

1. [+1,748, – 19] What on earth… you truly killed a day to day existence just to film one scene… the dramatization isn’t even that significant, this is so insidious

2. [+1,699, – 8] In the video, you can see that they have the pony wired up, and when they pull the wire, the pony is sent off in the air out of control, and afterward it falls onto the floor head first where the effect makes it snap its neck. You can tell in a dialed back adaptation that it certainly snaps. Then, at that point, it stays on the floor, kicking its back legs, before you see it go still. The makers are lying when they say the pony got back up all alone later. The trick twofold is additionally seen squatted on the floor in torment after the fall… This isn’t something that an expression of remorse will fix. We want to move back up the positions to sort out whose thought this whole scene was and rebuff them as needs be.

3. [+514, – 2] I feel so awful… that a life was forfeited briefly scene. You can see the staff intentionally stumbling the pony with its neck snapped, the pony kicking its back legs in torment, and nobody minded later? Not until seven days after the fact that they heard the pony had died…?

4. [+473, – 1] So savage… I can’t envision the aggravation the pony must’ve been in…

5. [+324, – 3] What’s happening with they? For what reason couldn’t this have been done through CG?

6. [+163, – 0] On the off chance that cost was an issue with not utilizing CG innovation, why not simply cut the scene? Or on the other hand utilize an alternate camera point to show that the person was lost the pony? Why proceed with something so hazardous? Since when did watchers request Blockbuster-level scenes from a dramatization like this? This is totally brought about by the ridiculous and oblivious avarice of the chief.

7. [+114, – 0] Bring down the show on the off chance that you’re not going to practice any inch of ethics in shooting it

8. [+112, – 0] This has neither rhyme nor reason… It’s the identical to having a person go running and afterward testing their sanity back mid-run. A person would fall face first and break every one of the bones in their face or more. What was so significant with regards to this scene in any case? Was this actually the best way to film it? For the “detail”? I’m disturbed that the pony kicked the bucket ㅠㅠ

9. [+72, – 0] This is so insane ㅠㅠ who even creates a show with this much creature misuse?? Kindly bring the show down!!

10. [+71, – 1] This has gone excessively far..

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