BoA surprises with ever-changing visuals

article: BoA's visuals have changed significantly with her new song comeback

source: Insight via Instagram + Wikitree

[+195] If you keep going like this, you'll turn into Park Bom. Stop it~~

[+150] Is it BoA?;;

[+127] New face looks like Ock Joo-hyun

[+104] Please stop getting plastic surgery… ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

[+83] It was much prettier before this work.

[+78] I didn't even know it was in the second photo.. Sorry BoA ????

[+44] Is there no trace of his old face left at all…??????

[+41] Your face has changed a lot;;

[+34] BoA was the most beautiful during ‘My Name’ lol Why do you keep making fun of me!

[+29] What did she do to her face???? ????

[+28] Is it impossible for plastic surgery to look natural?

[+25] It's becoming more and more of a plastic monster…

[+21] ??? Boa, did something happen…

[+12] Boa became Bua

[+10] Why is SM’s face like this?

[+6] Wow, not even 0.1% of my old face remains anymore.. ㅠ

[+6] If you hadn't told me, I wouldn't have known who he was… ????‍♀️

[+1] I'm similar to Wendy now ㅜㅜ

article: BoA, laughing at the haters, “If you lose weight, lose weight, if you gain weight, you're a pig… Don't waste your time.”

source: Sports Korea via Nate

[+325, -4] I'm sorry, but 'I'm BoA' makes me cringe so much hahahahaha

[+212, -14] I'm almost 40 and I'm still writing like this haha.

[+116, -0] They criticize me for taking on a big role without any acting skills, but they keep acting like they're only criticizing my appearance lol.

[+112, -7] The philtrum and upper lip look so weird.

[+92, -2] He's doing weird things to his face, everything looks weird, and so does his philtrum.

[+33, -0] BoA is so shocked that she shrinks..her face is shocked too.

[+30, -2] “I’m sorry, I’m BoA.” Hahaha. Why are you so withdrawn? Was I drunk when I wrote this? lol

[+29, -0] There's nothing worse than growing old like this and living in la la land

[+26, -0] It looks like it was written by a middle school student lol.

[+21, -0] Is everyone cringing now, Ryu’s girlfriend? LOL “I’m sorry, but I’m BoA.”

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