GD's original work goes up for auction

article: G-Dragon's work from 7 years ago, auction starts at 30 million won

source: Insights through Instagram + Naver

[+209] G-Dragon is good at singing, but his entertainment skills are at the level of a 4-year-old me ????

[+136] As the saying goes, if you're famous enough, people will buy your stuff ????????

[+49] It looks like elementary school graffiti… for 30 million won?…

[+43] I guess this is what the name value means ㅠㅠ

[+46] Of course you mean 3,000 won, right?

[+31] People don't become artists by being good at drawing… Even graffiti can be sold as art if you become famous enough ????

[+31] Art to one man, fraud to another.

[+29, -5] A child's doodle is sold for 30 million won. Who would buy it other than a fan? Especially for the sake of those who are waiting, I hope I do more as a singer.

[+27, -5] Oh my, I can draw better than this. It's a joke to think that people can rely on famous names just to sell expensive graffiti.

[+8] I think the owner's ability to say “GD drew this” is more valuable than the actual design haha.

[+8] GD itself is a brand… I think the picture is so, so, so pretty…

[+2] You're not buying a painting, you're buying a brand called GD. Like selling hairpins for over a thousand dollars at a luxury store.

[+6] I wonder who will buy this

[+4] Just playing around with the canvas can make you 30 million won????

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