[THEQOO] One thing that Le Seraphim has consistently done and is receiving a good response is

“Title song + follow-up song 1 week promotion”

second mini album
Title: Anti-fragile

Trace Track: Impurities

for someone “impurities“, In fact, there were no good indicators in terms of results.

However, it was a completely different concept from Antifragile, and the song and choreography were so well received that many fans chose it as their favorite song on the album.

first regular album

Title: The Unforgiven

Track Tracks: Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard's Wife

He even had a blast in a TikTok challenge.
And it rose to number 3 on the daily chart.

It also took first place on a music show.
Third mini album
Title: Easy
Tracking Track: Smart

LE SSERAFIM's parallel song appears for the first time on Global Spotify.

Naturally, it became TikTok's choice and is climbing higher and higher in the charts.
It's been being promoted for a week this week, and it's going up quickly on Melon as well.
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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: This is one of the things that Le Sserafim has been doing consistently and receiving a positive response.

1. I like the fact that a lot of attention is paid to Korean activities.
2. I listened to Eve's song more than the theme song.
3. I think Re Seraphim’s song is the best these days.
4. We need to do less promotion and more action. Honestly, I can't listen to their songs.
5. Trolls are crazy
6. I really like the fact that they have been active for a long time.
7. I’m so jealous of your 3 weeks of activities…ㅜㅜ
8. Thanks to impurities, I found this rice.

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