YG’s stock has fallen on news of Lisa’s contract renewal

Article: YG’s stock is falling… “didn’t they release G-Dragon to try and stop Lisa?”

Source: Herald Economy via Naver

[+837, -40] She’s only “Lisa” when she’s with black pink… Lisa without black pink? He will be easily forgotten.

[+329, -134] I’ve never liked idols or singers but I never found Lisa unique or anything. Stop discussing this difficult matter with an outside agent and let him go. Maybe he’s used to being happy back home and he’s done working hard now that he’s got his money. Let him know that once he leaves, there is nothing left for him but to work as a celebrity in Thailand. He will not perform in Korea. Shouldn’t he be worried about being kicked out of black pink? Well, I guess I have an opinion because I don’t understand why black pink is as popular all over the world as it is. One thing is for sure from my point of view, and that is that Lisa is not giving up on me in terms of black pink.

[+179, -12] Don’t bother spending money trying to retain a candidate who doesn’t want to stay. Why stop him when all the kids like this make all their money here and send it all to spend back home? Just let him go if he wants to go. These people will all be forgotten soon when YG starts their next girl group.

[+109, -49] black pink‘s at the tail end of their career. In three years, we won’t see them on TV anymore.

[+24, -0] The answer to all of this lies in real-life cases, such as what happened to Jessica. All members of the church who leave will end up ruining their lives. Meanwhile, the other members of SNSD are enjoying their retirement by remembering the legends.

[+22, -0] I still don’t understand why people are upset at the prospect of him leaving. He fulfilled his contract terms and has every right to leave if he wants to, and he never said he was going to leave, he is anyway in the interview… Why all the talk about “don’t waste money trying to keep him,” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ YG will definitely do the Best of luck to them, and they’ve definitely figured out that he’s doing it with their money so he wants to keep it. to him still

[+19, -4] I think most of the comments here are not being used… None of you seem to understand international sentiments… You’re used to only reading Korean stories ㅋㅋ It’s good Lisa anyway or go. Our side wants him to stay.

[+14, -0] I think she will end up like Jessica.. Although I’m sure she will still be popular in Thailand to go back.

[+12, -1] The same thing happens with foreign agents

[+9, -0] How many idols have we seen who find their fame and fortune here but return to their countries as single and failed? Lisa-ya, just give it a go and continue your success in black pink.

[+5, -0] Let’s be real, Lisa is the most famous international member… and the best dancer of the group. The problem for him is that his popularity is based on the name black pink. Once he leaves that name behind, I don’t really see a long career for him. Although that’s what idols are for, right? Popular for a short time when you are young… Either way, it has to stay with black pink to keep anything.

[+4, -0] I think it will be interesting to see how it goes… black pink can continue as it is. I want to see how far Lisa’s influence will spread… if her popularity was within black pink. So let him go and see…

[+4, -0] It’s over for black pink and Lisa when they break up. Lisa do you really think the star world would be better without black pink?? There may be many people who follow him but he is in the synergy of black pink… I think the best decision is to just renew the contract and be together and conditions to ensure independent work.

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