Prosecutors want 7 years in prison for BAP's Himchan

Article: 'Three s*x crimes' Himchan, lawyer demands 7-year sentence “A lot of influence on idols and youth”

Source: Daily Economy by Naver + Naver

[+310, -2] If it becomes a habit like this, what else can be done but to exclude him from the society…

[+159, -2] He is not a person, just destroy him…

[+115, -0] Just throw this bastard in jail so he can serve the rest of his life in there

[+87, 3] Now, something is wrong with him

[+66, -0] Must be at least 10 years old

[+43, -2] Order him

[+40, -1] What is he, a dog?

[+36, -2] I don't know who he is but I can judge a lot about him by his physiognomy and the fact that he's an idol in his thirties.

[+24, -1] There is no hope for him in society, only to keep him in prison

[+13, -0] S*x crimes should start with a 20-year sentence requirement

[+10, -1] I don't even know how you commit these crimes without being stupid?

[+4, -0] The only solution for guys like him is c*stration

[+2, -0] Am I the only one who has the same face as Kangin (the physiognomy)

[+2, -0] The fact that he committed the crime three times and only served seven years is a small thing…

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