Netizens picked Freezia and Lee Da hee at top that who loves to show off their money

1. [+3,580, -23] Lee Da In is investing cash that are generated by daddy committing criminal crimes, she is gon na hell in case she gets to spend it much like that

2. [+882, -22] People have to understand that the inner self of theirs must be stylish which simply using classy stuff will not cause them to become classy… you are only a mock using fakes.

3. [+754, -24] I suppose we are all believing the same… I’d feelings Ham So Won, Swings, and also Dok2 will be within the listing, and sure enough, they are

4. [+726, -10] Kyeon Miri’s household… I’ve absolutely no words ㅋㅋ

5. [+654, -26] Unfortunate men and women who have absolutely nothing of their lives really worth displaying off than products


1. [+617, -4] Thief Spoon Lee Da In… she’s purchasing luxurious products with funds her daddy stole. What a really horrible woman.

2. [+428, -4] I pray that Lee Seung Gi hurries and wakes up to the simple fact of dating that empty headed Lee Da In, who gets to spend all the money of her on luxurious products, cash which was created by her mom and dad scamming others from their money. Please read through the comments of yours coming from the fans of yours who wish to save you from this particular relationship.

3. [+352, -4] The serious #1 is Kyeon Miri’s daughter

4. [+316, -6] Seung Gi, are you currently looking at this???

5. [+96, -1] Seung Gi ya, you should not be dating this kind of careless spender…


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