Hybe trainee Yunah looks like Karina?

Article: The second Karina? All round in the Hybe girls competition

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

[+87] Is…? She is beautiful but I have never seen an ounce of Karina..

[+71] She looks more like KARD’s Somin than Karina!!!!

[+65] More… Kahi than Karina…

[+36] He is like Mijoo

[+31] I always thought she had a Lee Mijoo vibe to her

[+23] No one can live up to Karina… she is a visual SM…

[+21] Karina is a goddess

[+21] Karina is an exaggeration..

[+19] He looks old for his age

[+18] And where are people seeing Karina?

[+13] I thought this was Miss A’s Fei

[+13] She is beautiful, like a better version of Karina

[+12] I don’t think it’s like her… please don’t drag Karina’s name into this. This person is beautiful just the way they are.

[+11] Looks like miss A’s Fei..

[+9] Not Karina;;

[+8] Not like Karina;;; He is like Mijoo

[+8] Not Karina, maybe a little Hyein

[+7] Like Mijoo

[+5] Not Karina… Yunah is pretty but nowhere near Karina’s height, Karina is a wall;;

[+3] Mijoo + Im Jiyeon vibe

[+2] She has a charming personality, cute in a cute way

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