[THEQOO] JYP representative "TWICE’s Jihyo and Yoon Sungbin dating, difficult to confirm due to privacy issues"

An official statement has been released regarding the dating rumors between TWICE‘s Jihyo and Yoon Sungbin.
On the 25th, a media outlet reported that Jihyo and Yoon Seongbin met through an acquaintance, became close friends over their common interest in sports, and have been dating for a year.
Regarding this, JYP Entertainment said, “It is difficult to confirm as it is a personal matter.” [del artista]. “We ask for your understanding.”
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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen
JYP official “TWICE‘s Jihyo and Yoon Sungbin’s relationship, privacy issues are difficult to confirm”
1. Wow, I’m jealous! congratulations congratulations
2. Ah, my appetite is the same haha.
3. Look good on you, be happy!
4. Consistent taste
5. But are Kang Daniel and Yoon Sungbin different? Why do they all say they are the same type?
6. Did you meet at Vivo Solo?
7. They actually match
8. Jihyo seems to like men with a nice body… Same goes for me…
9. I seem to like men with a large physique and single eyelids.
10. The compatibility is really good… That’s why Jihyo likes attractive men.
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