Twice ranked first on the Billboard 200.

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article: TWICE breaks the ‘7-year curse’ and takes first place on Billboard 10 years after debut… JYP’s smart strategy

source: Asian Economy through Naver

[+658, -87] I am proud that JYP is a Korean company that can achieve such results. TWICE is a great role model for the longevity of idol groups. We can't expect perfection, but Park Jin-young is a truly great leader.

[+364, -115] Proof that you can become a singer even if you can't sing

[+154, -24] TWICE forever

[+136, -13] Wow~ I can't see you in Korea these days~~ Congratulations, congratulations!

[+132, -10] It's great to see them coming together and working hard to achieve something great over a long period of time. I hope their positive energy continues to spread among people.

[+61, -10] Hot 100 is important. People who don't know how Billboard works will think they got #1 on Billboard.

[+50, -0] I think Park Jin-young's wish came true haha. It reminds me of my Wonder Girls days.

[+32, -0] The group, which came together after overcoming several members' scandals, is still showing its strong bond. Park Jin-young seems to be very meticulous in management, and he seems to be trying to make up for any shortcomings while managing Wonder Girls.

[+44, -15] Nayeon's debt scandal, what on earth happened? I could have made good money, paid it back, and finished it, but I chose to ruin my image by over 600 million won.

– [+8, -1] In fact… he helped her when she needed it. It is right for her to pay him at least her original amount, if not more. It was shameless to file a lawsuit.

[+25, -6] Hot 100 is a difficult chart to enter, that is the only important achievement…

[+19, -2] Okay, the title is misleading, as if it's on the Hot 100.

[+18, -1] JYP achieved what they could not achieve with Wonder Girls.

[+23, -8] Nayeon, her image cannot be restored unless she repays 600 million won.

[+15, -1] Even Americans don't pay attention to the Billboard 200.

[+14, -1] It's not even #1 on the Hot 100, but #1 on the 200… The media makes it sound like they're on par with BTS on the Hot 100 haha.

[+10, -1] These days, it seems like everyone on Billboard has it except SM… They should have acquired SM, not Kakao. In Korea, aespa is the only group achieving good results, and New Gene, Le Seraphim, TWICE, and Blackpink are all on the Billboard.

[+7, -1] Don't get too excited, K-Pop groups top the Billboard 200 as easily as drinking water. The important chart is the main Hot 100.

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