Nam Tae Hyun regrets his life after using drugs, it is revealed that he is facing huge debts

Article: Nam Tae Hyun, “The only thing left from my drug use is 500 million won in debt… my life is completely ruined”

Source: Daily Economy via Naver

[+209, -25] It’s not too late.. you can always start over. I’m not saying what you did was right but you are in a better position than someone who might kill someone by driving drunk or crooks who live off the blood of others. I think the people around you need to step up and add their strength to you to help you back.

[+151, -14] He worked hard to get into a big agency, to begin with.. He had a bright future ahead of him. Now he is facing homelessness because of the bad timing of the decision. You are responsible for yourself. Don’t blame others for it.

[+133, -16] But did anyone tell you to take those pills??? Drug use should result in the death penalty.

[+19, -0] It is sad but this is the result of your actions. Focus on recovery and doing good work for the rest of your life. You’re still young~ and be thankful you still are, because youth can be a weapon in times like these.

[+19, -1] I was always taught not to care about famous people

[+18, -1] You are still young. Use this time as an opportunity to get your heart back in the right place. Opportunities will always come. But don’t harm others with drugs. Focus on recovery.

[+9, -0] It’s nice to see him reflect on his actions. Get the help you need and start over. You are still young and have a lot of time.

[+8, -0] What did your parents do to sell their own house for your debts… Have you ever sold your own guitars?

[+7, -0] So what is this new idea? Love cosplaying? The sympathy?

[+5, -1] I’m not saying that drugs were his only problem

[+4, -0] You have had many opportunities and still do. People never change. Think about how you can live alone in your life.

[+3, -0] The good thing about mistakes is that you don’t have to repeat them. Get out of your problem, find strength, and beat this.

Source: Naver

[+245, -10] “Are you going to try to work part-time”? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ There are big things ahead of you. I didn’t know that getting a restaurant job required such a big decision?

[+132, -7] Find strength.. at least you’re cleaning up a mess you made yourself… I’m busy cleaning up other people’s messes.

[+36, -0] And it’s your fault~

[+21, -2] That’s what happens when you do bad things, you don’t get a home

[+10, -0] What’s new about this? You sell your house to pay off your debts, and get a job if you don’t have a job

[+7, -0] It seems that he is cultivating love so that he can come back on TV. Once you taste the money of being a celebrity, you can’t do anything else ㅋㅋ

[+6, -2] Just think about it for the rest of your life. It’s not like you committed murder. You are still young so you have plenty of time to grow up.

[+5, -1] You are? Will it be a restaurant manager? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even a dog laughs at that. There is no easy way for anyone to know the value of work. Those who got easy jobs and easy money can’t stand any work that requires sweat.

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