Reactions of Netizens for OH MY GIRL’s REAL Love Music Video

1. The chorus is boring however as I continue to listen, the more I’ll appreciate it.

2. It’s not perfect, but it’s not bad at all however they’ve put in a lot of effort in preparing it, so I’m hoping it’s a success.

3. It’s not what I was expecting.

4. The music is boring, but that’s due to the fact that it follows Dun Dun Dance.

The song, however, is enjoyable, it helped me download immediately.

5. They have picked the perfect song. It’s got the simple to hear quality of Alcohol Free.

6. The song’s chorus was nice, but the lyrics are so repetitious that it became boring.

7. It’s not fun… I was anticipating it due to the teaser.

8. I’m not sure if it’s boring as an opening track, however, the track actually was higher than my expectations. It has me wondering whether I’ll be considering it as a song for a title as I continue to take a listen. I’m not able to imagine anything else other than using this music.

9. The MV is gorgeous however the song was boring. It’s a pity.

10. I love this song.

11. It’s definitely Oh My Girl’s shade it was very nice.

12. The chorus isn’t as good. It’s not as great than the teaser.

13. It’s in between Dolphin or Dun Dun Dance.

14. I really liked the chorus but I found the rest of the song to be dull. The B-side “Drip” was pretty good. It could be addicting ASAP.

15. It’s addictive.


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