Ryu Jun-yeol returns to SNS after breakup

article: Ryu Jun-yeol finally posts on SNS after breakup, netizens debate “He needs to make money” vs. “I respect his decision”

source: My Daily through Nate

[+234, -13] typical avoidant personality

[+122, -9] As a colleague, I do not condone what he did. What he did was inconsiderate and irresponsible towards his partner. I would cut ties with people like him.

[+117, -9] Wow.. I was silent throughout my girlfriend's social media posts, then we broke up and she's finally posting again lol. If I date a guy like that, he'll hit me so hard.. I want to slap him hard – lips have appeared on his face. Men like him only start talking when they feel like it.

[+76, -2] He better stop acting sexy, ugh

[+66, -5] Oh my, you idiot.

[+7, -0] He's the worst in this situation.

[+7, -0] You’re ugly.. Not only is your face ugly, but you’re also ugly on the inside.

[+6, -0] It's not very manly to leave all the problems to a woman.

[+6, -0] Even if he couldn't protect his ex-lover, he had a duty to at least try to protect his current girlfriend. His girlfriend has been subject to all kinds of speculation and rumors over her ex's posts, so it's not entirely out of the question that she's going crazy over the accusations. He had to step up and protect her.

[+4, -0] I was surprised to see so many comments supporting him. In the end, he was the one who was caught trying to play both sides…

[+3, -0] His shamelessness gives me goosebumps.

[+3, -0] I don't care how attractive a man is, and I don't like his evasive personality.

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