The ‘True Crime’ murder has sparked public outrage at the evidence

Article: “I know I killed him but he seemed to come back and talk to me” Jung Yoo Jung’s testimony gives goosebumps.

Source: Everyday Finance by Nate

[+1,724, -22] What makes me even more goosebumps is that there are probably more thinkers like him in society today.

[+1,482, -16] Death penalty!

[+845, -45] It is disgusting that he said that he did this murder to hurt his father. Why did you choose a target that is weaker than you? Please bring back the death penalty! Teach criminals that they will be killed if they commit those crimes!

[+72, -7] He was stabbed 110 times with a weapon, I don’t know the pain of the victim’s family reading that.

[+64, -1] The poor victim… she seemed like a kind lady who studied hard… Her parents must be staring at hell every day now..

[+49, -5] Don’t bother making excuses. You are just a criminal who committed murder, and you will pay the price for it.

[+48, -1] I don’t care about any talk about a difficult child or whatever. Some poor people were accidentally killed by this evil. I hope he caught a disease in prison and died a painful death.

[+42, -0] I think all that talk about his father is just an excuse… He stabbed the victim 111 times… just a psycho there…

[+33, -0] This testimony makes it appear that he is trying to reduce his prison time by pleading insanity

[+28, -0] There are young women all over the country who are living in poverty and hardship. That doesn’t even justify assault… Just because you had a rough childhood with a broken family and not being able to get into college doesn’t mean that it does not mean that you have killed someone. Don’t bother waiting for a short sentence. You should rot in prison for 50 years.

[+19, -1] No, I don’t want to hear another word from him. Early death penalty.

Source: Naver

[+687, -3] Just a shocking murder… The victim was stabbed 111 times.. very brutal. Please give him the death penalty. If the driver had not reported my taxi to him, can you imagine how many more murders could have happened? He is a brutal and intelligent killer. Don’t feed him well in prison. He should be sentenced to death. Most of the country is very angry…

[+221, -13] “I felt betrayed by my father’s remarriage,” “I really regretted living with my grandfather when I didn’t get along with him,” Lady, I don’t think there is anyone else in the world can associate with you. Why didn’t you kill your father and kill yourself? All these things could be solved. May the victim who was sacrificed for your evil rest in peace.

[+157, -1] How can he not get the death penalty.. please ask yourself what you want if the victim is your own family.

[+133, -3] Not another word that comes out of his mouth is worth listening to. He has no human rights to defend himself. The more we allow him to speak, the more we tear apart the victim’s family.

[+88, -1] Of course, parents who cannot take care of their children should also be punished

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