Han So-hee reveals her first SNS update since her attitude controversy

article: First update since the controversy over Han Sohee’s attitude… sad expression emoticon

source: Herald Pop via Nate

[+138, -11] She has a serious case of celebrity disease.

– [+5, -0] She's pretty but not classy

– [+18, -3] He could have said, “I’m filming so please be quiet,” but his personality turned ugly lol.

– [+34, -5] I don't even know why she is considered the best celebrity when all her works have failed. She is now more famous for her bad temper.

[+87, -6] It's always best to avoid people with tattoos or who smoke.

[+71, -4] Example of the impact of money on someone who grew up poor

[+65, -2] I'll apologize on your behalf. It's the early stages of celebrity disease.

[+8, -1] Someone get her drug tested

[+8, -1] Celebrities really need to work hard to fill out their hair…..

[+6, -1] *Sound of empty cans rattling*

[+1, -0] Where are all the men who like to disparage ugly women by saying that pretty women have better personalities? lol

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