[PANN] Lee Hyori's singing skills are the worst these days.

It's Jambro's co-host's wedding! by Shin Dong-yeop, Jeong Ho-cheol

And Lee Hyori (27) is singing the congratulatory song.
This is his unreleased song.

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Source: board / translation: KpopNetizen
Article: Lee Hyori's recent terrible singing skills.

One. [+23, -1]
I'm not kidding. I can sing that song better than him.

2. [+19, -1]
It would have been better if you didn't sing at all, but didn't the thought of changing the song come to mind while practicing?

three. [+18, -1]
Hyori Lee has never taken proper singing lessons and seems to sing only with her throat.

4. [+17, -0]
The thing that irritates Lee Hyori the most is her job.

5. [+16, -0]
It's hard for people to keep bad habits… Hyori Lee can't keep singing lol.

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