BAP's Himchan was eventually sentenced to probation

Article: What led Himchan, the idol who had three counts of sexual assault, to avoid prison?

Source: KBS via Naver

The court ordered 5 years of probation and an order to stop drinking more than 0.05% of alcohol, the prosecutor's request for a check was denied. ankle – all due to Himchan's assault that occurred while under the influence of alcohol, reaching a reconciliation with his victims, and revealing the crime scene. regret his actions.

[+441, -6] Can you please replace the judges with AI? How can you give someone like this just for example?

[+173, -1] Your judges are destroying our country~~

[+94, -1] If you're going to make it easy for him, why not make it easy for all of us?

[+82, -1] These judges are lenient with the criminals in these sentences. Rotten roots like him must be pulled clean.

[+14, -0] What kind of country lets a criminal go because he committed his crimes while drunk?

[+10, -0] Would the judge be able to do this if it was his daughter who was involved? So crimes committed while drunk are no longer valid for punishment? Judges like this should be replaced by AI…

[+6, -0] Let's get the facts straight here… he was only on probation for being drunk and showed remorse. Don't all criminals come before the court? Is the judge a relative of this guy or something? Or his friends and parents?

[+6, -0] It seems that this judge should serve his prison sentence for him instead

[+6, -1] It is amazing that the judge of our country would release it as a probation offense like this

[+3, -0] I wish the same on this judge as what happened to his victim

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