Rain to sue over affair rumors?

1. [+1,685, -21] I had no idea such a rumor existed. I will check it out now. Thanks to you.

2. [+1,633, -211] The older generation often claimed that a guy might be married to Kim Tae Hee and yet want to cheat on her with someone like Jun Won Joo.

3. [+1,685, -443] Whether the claims are accurate or not, Kim Tae Hee’s worst life blunder was marrying Rain.

4. [+714, -93] Blind things do not appear out of nowhere.

5. [+256, -9] He certainly gets into a lot of litigation — from his rookie days to today, I believe he’s had ten lawsuits in the media — with his renter, his agency, investors, and his mother’s debt.

6. [+219, -9] The majority of industry blind items are true… and golf is the ideal sport for cheating. Many foreign journeys are to exotic destinations where you must stay overnight. If he’s genuinely cheating, I’d be startled.

7. [+216, -20] He seldom makes headlines for contributing to charity, but he is always fast in filing cases.

8. [+155, -8] Whether overweight or unattractive, a man’s genuine ‘ideal type’ is simply any ‘new’ lady, as the phrase goes…

9. [+143, -17] Tae Hee was always capable of outperforming him.

10. [+126, -5] When different genders play golf together and then have dinner and beverages afterward, things are sure to happen.

11. [+123, -5] I’m laughing at the individuals who are concerned that this will lead to their divorce since famous guys can cheat 100 times and never divorce. Look at Lee Byung Hun; do you honestly believe they’re still together because he’s got his act together?

12. [+119, -7] If this is true, Rain, you’re not even human.


1. [+845, -1995] Is there ever smoke in the absence of fire? Perhaps it’s because he’s out golfing with other lady friends.

2. [+425, -28] A guy may live with the most beautiful woman on the planet and yet believe that each new woman he meets is more attractive.

3. [+251, -21] I don’t trust the thing about Jo Jung Suk, but I do believe the one about Rain.

4. [+169, -14] Recently, there has been an influx of kkot-baems at golf clubs.

5. [+78, -3] Males do not cheat because their spouses at home are not attractive enough… men do not care about appearance when it comes to adultery.

6. [+77, -7] Something is certainly not right… These blind goods do not lie.

7. [+38, -2] There is a distinction between finding someone attractive and finding someone sexually appealing.

8. [+51, -17] There is no smoke without fire… The wisdom of the elders is always correct.

9. [+32, -1] They’ll never acknowledge it or divorce because of all the CF contracts they’ll have to pay for.

10. [+26, -6] Obviously, something is going on for these rumors to be published in the first place.

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