BoA deletes SNS after announcing retirement

article: BoA deletes all SNS posts, “Retirement after contract ends”

source: Newsis (Nate)

[+132, -3] “He was my idol when I was in elementary school ㅠㅠ Still, I feel like I can’t accept the fact that he is no longer the main character or the hottest star ㅠㅠ… Especially when I see him declaring “me”.” It seems like he doesn’t want to accept the fact that he is being forgotten ㅠㅠㅠ That I hope you know that you can take some of the pressure off…

[+89, -10] She doesn't have enough acting ability to enter other industries like Uhm Jung-hwa, and she hasn't established herself as an icon of a generation like Lee Hyo-ri… I think it's right that she's slowly disappearing. history..

[+39, -0] Now we ask 'Who is Boa?' lol

[+7, -0] Who would have imagined that something like this would happen to BoA? She made headlines as one of the youngest stars to debut, the success she achieved in Japan, and the status of number one she maintained as a solo artist… Her position in the industry has been precarious ever since. I think she would have been more successful if she had switched to producing and dancing rather than acting.

[+4, -14] Still, I like BoA ㅜㅜ

[+2, -0] I agree with others that it seems difficult for her to accept her new position in the industry, especially since she was once praised as Asia's star…

[+1, -0] SM will never reach level 1… Whether in a group or solo

[+0, -1] I understand to some extent her unwillingness to accept her reputation being forgotten. She made her debut at such a young age that she spent two-thirds of her life as an entertainer. Not to mention her normal childhood. When she made her debut, everyone's attention was focused on her. She thinks it would be best for her mental health to let go of the pressure to keep going for now.

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