I love Lisa cheering on both the Thai and Korean teams.

article: Which team did Blackpink Lisa support? Reasonable network support

source: Wikitree via Instagram

[+95] Even if you want to root for Thailand, no one has the right to say anything bad about her.

[+17] She understands Korean sentiment better than anyone else.

[+12] It is not a problem for Thai people to support the Thai team.

[+4] What's so wrong with Thais cheering for Thailand????????? But she has the sense to cheer for both, out of fear that someone will feel sad(?) if she cheers for only one side.

[+4] Well, the reality is that if you cheer for the Thai team, you will be hated by Koreans… You all know that if you only cheer for the Korean team, you will be hated by Thais.. ???? ????????

[+3] True neutral ????????

[+2] I wonder if she feels this way when her mom and dad fight

[+1] So cute ????????

[+1] Her hat is blue ????????

[+0] That guy is so wise.

[+0] Haha, it's cute to see them cheering for everyone ㅠㅠㅠ

[+0] Ah, I think Thai people will be a bit disappointed too haha.

source: Naver

[+151, -1] We're all trying to put food on the table at the end of the day.

[+121, -3] Don't worry about trying to appease Koreans. We are not like other countries that enforce xie xie.

[+82, -2] She is Thai, she should support Thailand.. dare anyone tell her if she chooses something else.

[+37, -0] Technically, she should be able to cheer for her team. I don't like how the media sensationalizes this.

[+22, -1] She made the best choice, but I think this whole thing is too stressful for her.

[+8, -0] I would understand if you just supported Thailand, but it's so cute to see them do something like this.

[+7, -0] Don't worry, it's natural to support the home team.

[+7, -1] Now, I think I'm being lenient because I'm Thai, but if I were Japanese, the comment would have been different haha.

[+5, -0] Lisa, please support the Thai team next time. It's totally fine. If a Korean doesn't like you, just tell them they're crazy and ignore them.

[+5, -0] She should be able to cheer for the Thai team. It's strange that people think differently.

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