J Hope marks the beginning of the solo chapter for BTS with the release of  ‘More’

1. J Hope.. that’s very great.

2. There are some really strange individuals commenting, and it would seem that the only thing you have to be proud of is the fact that you served in the military.

3. The music pulls you in completely. His style is incredible, his rap is fantastic, and the yelling is on a whole other level. Wow, after reading this, I feel like I’m going to start supporting some idols.

4. It’s incredible to think that he’s a talented artist that can work across such a wide range of genres.

5. The music is really, really wonderful.

6. really fashionable and hip in every way. It would seem that he was endowed from birth with each and every one of the amazing factors that are available on the globe.

7. This hue is nothing like the color of “Hope World” at all! more dark and unusual. It has a highly avant-garde and completely new vibe to it. The remaining tracks on the CD have me quite excited.

8. J Hope is beginning the second chapter of their careers, which is beyond what I imagined to happen at this point in time. I can’t wait to see how the other 6 members develop over the next several months.

9. This does not appear to be the J. Hope that we have been used to hearing from. I had no clue that he was skillful at such a wide range of emotions and expressions until I saw the music video he made. He showed all of his numerous sides. It smells like rock or perhaps metal. Whatever it is, it’s definitely delicious.

10. This is the reason why he was chosen to go first out of the other seven candidates.

11. The more you listen to it, the more refined it becomes. As I make my way out the door to spend the weekend with friends, I’m enjoying this.

12. You are really clever, Hoseok-ah. This is awesome. I believe in your ability and support your desire. Whether they’re together or not, the members of BTS are seven precious pearls.


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