IU has changed the title of the new song to 'Love Wins All' in response to criticism

Subject: IU criticized naming the new song after the LGBTQ slogan, changing the title in response

Source: Korea Ilbo via Naver

[+40, -4] IU probably replaced even one potential victim in this title among all the fake news claims so far.

[+21, -2] His reason for changing is amazing! “I agree that my song title may reduce the importance of the message. I respect and support all people who choose to love in their own way. I want all love to win in a world without hate, and I hope the message of my song is right. put it in a way that doesn't hurt anyone.”

[+23, -5] He sees the bigger picture. Unfortunately, Twitter haters don't stop hating him even after the name change. It's amazing to me that they can hate him so much because they believe they are a minority.

[+12, -3] Of course, some of the answers may not be appropriate, but IU's idea to change the name is interesting because of the people who may have been harmed by the name. Please show your support for 'Love Wins All' on the 24th!

[+11, -2] IU fight!! Love conquers all

[+7, -2] Is there anyone else like IU

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