Yoo Ah In talks about suffering from depression and anxiety disorder in court

Article: Yoo Ah In is appearing in court and has cut short hair… “I have been suffering from depression and anxiety for a long time”

Source: Busan Ilbo via Naver

[+487, -23] There are many people in the business world who all suffer from depression or anxiety, and they don't treat it with drugs like you do. It's just an excuse. No one took a knife to him and forced him to do it. He decided to do it out of his own weakness, and now he's paying the price for it ㅋ There's no need for sympathy.

[+154, -5] What an excuse, just raising the bar for everyone else suffering from depression and anxiety disorders…

[+132, -8] Many of his drugs were prescribed for medical treatment, so investigators need to dig deeper and catch the pirates who are the fake celebrities and doctors who sell these drugs have all their licenses revoked.

[+72, -9] He makes all that money from all that fame and interest from the public and this is his excuse? How about trying to cure that stress by being thankful for what you already have~!!

[+44, -12] Yes, pay the price for your crimes and start fresh

[+19, -2] Not all people with depression and anxiety use drugs like you. There are people who endure years of therapy and medication to try to overcome the problem, who rely on their family and friends to fix it. Most of them are more concerned about being a burden to others. Please don't go straight to blaming depression and anxiety whenever you find yourself in a scandal.

[+15, -0] Excuses don't work for me. If drug use was the solution for anyone suffering from depression, then half of this country would be full of drugs.

[+10, -1] Is there a modern person who does not suffer from depression these days?????

[+10, -2] Saying that depression is an excuse for your crime is like saying that the criminal should be forgiven because he suffered from long-term neglect. Not all people with depression and anxiety smoke p*t or propofol. You have committed a crime and it is time to pay.

[+8, -0] Please do not try to associate yourself with people who suffer from depression and anxiety disorders. Even if therapy or medication doesn't help, many people choose to go from day to day as much as they can. You decided to commit an unpardonable crime… You were chasing the high those drugs gave you, don't go linking that to depression now. It just creates a greater stigma for people struggling with mental illness.

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