Karina and Jaewook Lee made fans angry by revealing unfounded rumors.

article: Lee Jae-wook's side explains the rumors about Karina and famous actors leaving the company, “Legal action planned”

source: Chosun through Naver

[+318, -18] I remember reading a comment saying it looked like Yang Sang-guk haha.

[+256, -41] I just feel like something doesn't fit my physiognomy ㅠㅠ

– [+36, -4] If you are so good at reading physiognomy, why can't you foresee your own bleak future?

– [+15, -1] I agree, he gives me bad vibes.

[+186, -24] They're not getting married, they're just two young people in love, so why all the fuss… You too should learn a thing or two and experience a lot of relationships before you get married.

[+136, -21] I don't know who that person is, but are they really taking legal action on this?

[+54, -4] It's true that Karina can do better. And aespa is a group that is still in its flowering stage. It's too early to get caught up in a dating scandal.

[+50, -6] For both of them, I can do anything.. haha. Looking at Karina's pre-debut photos, she doesn't seem to be very handsome either. It looks like an ordinary face you often see on the street.

[+36, -0] So who is that actor? Go Yoon-jeong?

[+33, -4] Yeah, his physiognomy is driving me crazy…

[+29, -7] A male actor and a female idol… it would be okay if they got married, but if a female idol just 'dated' it would be a death sentence. She will no longer increase her male fan base. They will all leave for different girl groups. Especially considering how competitive her industry already is.

[+16, -0] But who is he???? I have no idea who he is

[+17, -2] Karina has low standards

[+14, -1] Yang Sang-guk + Ryu Jun-yeol

article: Espa's new content faces strong criticism due to 'fandom division' due to Karina dating scandal

source: Sports Chosun, via Nate

[+56, -7] But were her fans so delusional that they thought she would date them?

[+42, -36] I'm surprised that the standards for such a pretty person are so low haha.

[+24, -4] Some things don't change. Your fans will never congratulate you on starting a relationship. Why are they always so jealous???

[+15, -10] I still don’t know who Jaewook Lee is ㅜㅜ

[+9, -3] Hasn't it been about 4 years since the dating ban was lifted anyway? Yeah, I get why hardcore fans are still mad.

[+2, -0] Just be patient, news of the breakup will come out soon.

[+2, -1] Real fans will also support your celebrity with love.

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