Hyuna performs at water bomb festival in Japan

Article: Hyuna’s ‘water bomb’ performance in Japan shows off her sexiness

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+816] I wish someone give Hyuna a really good song.. Something fresh like her ‘Bubble Pop’ days with perfect hair and make up styling, I want to see it all again ㅠㅠ I randomly came across an old ‘Tony Moly’ ad with Hyuna and she looked so innocent and pretty.. not that she isn’t anymore ㅎㅎ

[+581] The reason Hyuna’s brand of sexy is so captivating lies in her gaze and her vibe. There’s no one yet who can take over her position in the industry.

[+258] I just want people to stop leaving s*xual harassment comments about her.. and the media, too.. 

[+145] Hmm, Kwon Eunbi still beats her

[+67] Kwon Eunbi won this 

[+57] I’ve been such a longtime fan of Hyuna but I feel like she’s gone so over the top lately. I’m nervous for her but she looks happy so I guess that’s all that matters ? though I am scared that this type of image will bring more hate commenters…

[+29] Hyuna always delivers

[+9] Can we please not perform like this in Japan!!!!

[+7] What is she wearing;;;;;;;

[+2] This is so cheap

[+1] This is embarrassing~~~

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