ENHYPEN got nose surgery?

1. I don’t know, what was the purpose of having it elevated in the beginning if you were simply likely to reduce it once more. Sunwoo was so adorable before. Of course, he’s adorable now.

2. Jake is still beautifulbut He looked gorgeous even with the work done prior to that.

3. Jake shouldn’t have had his nose fixed in the first place.

4. The more work you have done to your face, the more thin the skin becomes , and the chance of getting an infection more likely. Stop forcing them to undergo plastic surgery.

5. Sunwoo had one of the highest scores in the final

6. Hybe requires their own clinic that is exclusive to them, similar to another agency

7. I’m not sure what Hybe has to say about their faces . They continue to force them to get their work done. Why don‘t they be stopped?

8. I’m wondering what kind of clinic created their noises so blatant in the first place.

9. What do they think of the children of today? Their faces were beautiful and perfect prior to all that work. What do they think this agency is thinking?

10. It’s hard to understand why they keep making faces look a mess while they looked so natural prior to all this effort.

11. don’t understand it since Sunwoo’s face doesn‘t appear like it needed any attention and yet they did it?

12. It will appear more natural after the swelling is gone. think it’s better to lower the noses just a little.


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