Parents have had enough with their kids obsessing over idol photocards

Article: “I went behind my parent’s back to work part-time to buy this” what are elementary school students into lately?

Source: Han via Naver

[+530, -53] As if the adults shooting donations at streamers are any more mature

[+278, -10] It’s not like we didn’t have this kind of stuff back in our day.. I remember there were a ton of kids who would buy the Pokemon pastries just to throw the pastry away for the stickers inside

[+116, -5] I don’t know… I feel like there’s a problem when kids are going this far to buy these cards

[+103, -2] And where are these elementary school kids finding part-time work to fund this…?

[+24, -0] It’s a parent’s job to teach their kids self-control! Instead of blaming the idols and the agencies for putting out stuff like this, reflect on how good of a parent you’ve been to your own child!

[+15, -0] Are the parents of these kids forgetting that they were also HOT, SechsKies, Shinhwa, Super Junior fans back in their day? ㅎㅎㅎ

[+3, -0] Parents just need to do a better job of telling them that no means no ^^;;

[+3, -0] No one is forcing you to buy your kids something taht they don’t need… don’t blame marketing for that. That’s up to your skills as a parent. 

[+3, -0] The kids who grew up throwing away Pokemon pastries for stickers are now parents who are buying their kids IVE photocards…

[+3, -0] Don’t blame the idols. You parents are the stupid ones for letting your kids fall for this.

[+2, -0] So that’s why my daughter wanted Papa John’s pizza last night..

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