The popularity of the AI ​​studio’s information has people asking to use it as a new hairstyle.

Article: “Can we use this on our resumes?” AI image data is all the rage

Source: Han via Naver

[+695, -6] You know, please just use it so we can trash your resume first thing

[+298, -3] Your resume is not a fancy contest, it’s just a measure of who you are. Why does it help to show up with a completely different face?

[+174, -7] Come on, guys… let’s not be dumb. I’m really afraid that there are actually people out there who are thinking of using these AI data on their data…

[+102, -1] Honestly, if you saw this, would you hire yourself? You think someone else is walking in, please leave the room until it’s your turn.

[+94, -4] The fact that someone is asking this question… I’m really amazed…

[+21, -0] I bet the ones who ask are the ones who are the most different from their AI results ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+14, -0] I have never in my life seen someone who looks like their Instagram photos…

[+8, -0] SNS has really spoiled us

[+4, -0] Anyone with a common sense mind wouldn’t consider using this on their resume…

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