[NAVER] What article did you see? Sohee Han "Ryu Jun-yeol breakup timeline, June breakup summary"

Han So-hee responded to the backlash against her remarks mentioning Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri's breakup.
On March 16, one day after her agency first denied the dating rumors, Han So-hee directly acknowledged her romantic relationship with Ryu Jun-yeol through her blog.
Han So-hee claimed in a statement that she and Ryu Jun-yeol met only after her six-year relationship with Hyeri ended. He also claimed that Hyeri and Ryu Jun-yeol broke up in early 2023, months before their split was first announced in November 2023.
However, many have questioned this specific claim about the timing of Hyeri and Ryu Jun-yeol's breakup, pointing to evidence that suggests the two may have still been dating in the second half of 2023.
On the same day, Han So-hee directly responded to several comments on her blog, including those criticizing her boyfriend for making public claims about the timing of their breakup.
Han So-hee answered this way.[Lo que dije sobre] The moment of separation was not something I heard directly. [de Ryu Jun Yeol]. I wrote this based on an article from June of last year, but if the content is strange, I will delete it. I was trying to prove that we didn't get together while he was still dating. [Hyeri]But I think this is also rude.”
However, this comment was criticized because, according to Xports News, there was no article related to the breakup rumor between Hyeri and Ryu Jun-yeol last June.
In another comment, Sohee Han said, “Rather than working hard, [lo que otras personas dicen], there is a lot of responsibility for this incident. “I think a small snowball turned into something big starting with Instagram Stories.”

Meanwhile, Ryu Jun-yeol's agency said this morning, “Han So-hee met Han So-hee after their breakup.”
Source: Naver / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: What article did you see? Han So-hee “Ryu Jun-yeol's breakup deadline, June breakup summary”

1. Unless Han So-hee literally follows Ryu Jun-yeol 24 hours a day, it is difficult to estimate the exact moment of breakup with her ex… ㅜㅜ It is especially difficult in long-term relationships because reconciliation or lingering feelings can sometimes arise. In order to calculate accurately… I will accept Mr. Ryu Jun-yeol's words… However, this is a very personal matter.
2. So, at first, they said they broke up at the beginning of the year, but then I found out from an article that they broke up in June, and in fact, there were no articles related to it in June. So you said your boyfriend broke up with you in June? But why did they publish an article denying the breakup in August? If only the boyfriend would come out and clean things up… The bride is mentally shaken right now, and I don't think the situation is right…

3. I don't understand why she's talking about something she's not even sure about in the first place.

4. I hope Sohee Han is happy doing what she wants to do. It's a pity that in this situation, there is absolutely no reason for her to listen to all sorts of things. I feel sorry for Ryu Jun-yeol too. What happened in the last few days?

5. Oh really, now we have to confiscate his phone.

6. Why can't I ask my boyfriend directly…?

7. Don't criticize people. In the end, only these three people will know and do what they believe is right. The problem is that you stay too close and get involved in situations that have nothing to do with you.

8. Hyeri fighting

9. Can everyone stop? Let them figure it out for themselves.

10. I wish only happiness for Hyeri
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