Joy showed off a new feeling of maturity.

article: Joy's new feeling, exotic feeling

source: Top star news through Nate

[+62, -1] Now I look like a Chinese plastic surgery influencer…;;;;;

[+27, -0] Meanwhile, fans are shedding tears and protecting her, saying it's double eyelid tape.

[+24, -0] The reason I had double eyelid surgery is because I look much better without breasts.

[+8, -0] Do you go to the same hospital as BoA? Her cute and fresh image now makes her look like a cheap TikTok plastic surgery influencer.

[+8, -0] Did she finish the job?

[+2, -0] Wow… why do I look so Chinese now?;; What's going on Joey?

[+2, -0] I shouldn't have had double eyelid surgery with that outline…

[+1, -0] SM Can you go to other plastic surgery clinics now?

[+0, -0] She's so cool, you pigs will be jealous

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