Witch hunt towards Freezia on the Web

1. [2,966, -674] Freezia has admitted the fault of her and not simply apologized but stopped the promotions of her. Do people not think they’ve gone far? I do not comprehend exactly why there is a need to go this long with criticizing her.. I sense so bad for her. The dislike has to stop.

2. [1,140, -88] I’ve a sense that Kang Yewon was the one dragging all of the strings in back of her though it left Song Jia out to dry out when it came time to apologize and also deal with the fall out. Kang Yewon must step ahead as CEO as well as be responsible and also apologize for every one of this particular. I believe most of this’s way too serious of a result for such a female to get all by herself, even in case she did do completely wrong.

3. [550, -139] Scammers have to pay the cost of the crime of theirs. You let one slide and also you essentially need to let anyone slide.

4. [229, -15] Freezia didn’t do something right though I think as everyone is certainly jumping on this chance in an attempt to send out somebody from this planet. What’s there to be extremely upset over… She’s stopped the promos of her, enough is high enough.

5. [183, -28] She apologized and also promised to reflect, individuals have to stop at this moment. She’s still young… all of us have made mistakes in the lives of ours.

6. [149, -13] I seriously do not care no matter if she uses fakes or no matter what. This was never a thing being criticized it harshly about. However! She does need to be hated on much more for calling kimchi’ pao cai’. You would be seriously insane to perform something this way.

7. [125, -2] Though you’ve to acknowledge that celebrities are becoming a lot more brazen with their scams and lies on TV. They each be sorry and apologize but take no more than 3 weeks for reflection, perhaps 6 on the lengthy end, and also come straight to marketing their fake lives… rinse and repeat…

8. [89, -5] The media must also avoid creating articles regarding her. This is sufficient. Putting out any additional news is simply becoming an accomplice to crime today.

9. [97, -14] Simply make the answer of her one thing: is it kimchi or maybe pao cai?

10. [85, -8] She did make wrongs though I do not believe it is good to exile her through this particular. There are plenty of celebrities who have faked even worse like real education credentials. Exactly why the double standards?

11. [84, -9] she is the person who decided to scam people into thinking She is a golden spoon. Precisely why push the blame against the individuals that subjected the lies of her?

12. [67, -5] Enough is high enough. Everybody is crossing the line.

13. [65, -3 People that are] are just witch hunting her since they both have been jealous of her, idolized her, or perhaps associated with her and therefore are mad about it. She was not some national athlete, exactly why call her a national shame? I want individuals would uphold exactly the same criteria they hold celebrities to onto the own lives of theirs and simply care about their own businesses. This particular entire factor could ‘ve just ended with the right show offy girl getting some celebrity and also losing it after a few humiliation though individuals are crossing the line by standing her up on the town guillotine to be affected the emotional punishments of theirs.

14. [43, 13] I do not get the purpose of the witch hunt. It is not like what she did was several big crime from the society of ours. Everybody is actually beating down on this young female and also enough is enough.

15. [34, -4] She is still new, I wish people will stop. As the mother of a child of comparable age, I am concerned for her. Will people just stop once she dies? You might not have knives or guns but the words of yours are very easily as efficient. I am certain she is reflecting currently so just give up.

16. [32, -5] The family of her being doxxed was just a situation of time. Though you’ve to wonder exactly how upset and disappointed individuals are by the scams of her that they are going it far with her. At the conclusion of the day, she is the person who offered the ammo.

17. [25, -0] The pao cai scandal of her is regarded as the problematic scandal though everybody is really so centered on the fakes

18. [25, -1] She never should have interested with any commentary claiming the dad of her was a dental office. She involved with the user feedback such as, “How’d you learn about my dad’s profession?” so not surprising that she is a laughing stock properly now… And just how did the father of her ever have the self-confidence to show the face of his on her vlogs? You are able to see by his manner of speech that he has never read a book in the life of his but she attempted to pass him off as some dentist? Several golden spoon princess??

19. [23, -3] Everyone keeps stating “she apologized” but she shut the mouth of her regarding the pao cai scandal, so where’s the apology? I do not care about the fakes of her, I am mad about the pao cai subtitle of her, and she’s nevertheless to mention something about it.

20. [20, -1] I’m against criticisms against the family of her. However, she made the money of her off of public interest so she must cope with public criticism as being a package deal.



1. [4,372, -365] Who is concerned if she waited for the payout, why is this seriously worth hating on? I would wait to give up until after I have paid too ㅡㅡ

2. [1,741, -101] Well duh, certainly she must wait for getting paid. Do you all stop before receiving your pay?

3. [818, -231] Ah… she is daebak till the end… ㅡㅡ

4. [148, -17] When you all stop, you simply leave before receiving your pay? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Just going for whatever to hate on her at this particular point

5. [79, -4] Well isn’t it common sense to hold on to obtain paid out just before you quit? What sort of idiot quits before the pay of theirs?

6. [80, -11] She might have done wrong though she nonetheless deserves to put food on the table of her. I do not believe it is reasonable to accuse her of things this way.

7. [68, -9] Way a lot of attack on a single person, something bad will happen… everyone should stop…

8. [64, -10] Well she toiled for that pay, she deserves for getting it. It is not like everyone give up and do not count on the company of yours to pay you for your work. It is really harsh to look for otherwise of her.

9. [57, -11] When will this stop? Once she dies? More than enough is enough… she previously published an apology. If you people chase after the apology, exactly how do you really expect to see her to breathe?

10. [43, -7] but duh??? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ She might have done completely wrong but she nonetheless should get to have what she’s owed ㅋㅋㅋㅋ particularly when the adsense payment of her is most likely love eighty mil won. You people would pass that profits up?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What a ridiculous article


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