Korean Fans boycotts BTS webtoon

1. [+217, – 6] The organization has been getting covetous since the time they exchanged over to Hybe… BTS is no longer at a scale where anything can drop them to absolute bottom however I trust their organization realizes that they are gradually working on it

2. [+86, – 7] Hybe just needed to obtain that gaming fellow to demolish BTS’ inheritance like this~ How about we be genuine, Bang Shi Hyuk has no eye for any of this, he simply happened to get lucky with a band like BTS. He has no expectation for truly handling one more strike like this so he’s simply attempting to drain BTS for everything he can with a straw straight in their backs.

3. [+71, – 2] I think the way to satisfaction for both BTS and their fans is to cut back the organization and simply center around the music and shows. Bang Shi Hyuk needs to return to his underlying foundations and begin pondering his wellbeing.

4. [+44, – 1] Hybe never ponders keeping something worth being thankful for like BTS, all they care about is extracting the fans from the entirety of their cash

5. [+35, – 1] We’re not loathing on BTS, we’re abhorring on their organization. Nobody needs to be appended to an inferior quality webtoon like this.. ㅜ

6. [+19, – 1] The individuals need to fire making some noise and denying things as opposed to accepting all that Hybe lets them know like “this will be really great for you”, “this is for the fans”. BTS, you are presently at a position where you can talk your perspectives.

7. [+16, – 1] I wish they’d return on Korean television. I loved the times of the past when they focused on their music advancements so they were more specific with their CFs, it truly safeguarded their creative picture… Presently they’re in a wide range of CFs, in any event, delivering home shopping type recordings to advance their items… It makes me question in the event that BTS is in concurrence with Hybe‘s methodologies.

8. [+15, – 0] I’m an ajumma who loves BTS however I try to avoid how their organization (company) is simply involving them for cash like this

9. [+14, – 1] Set everything aside, simply give me another song collection. New melodies, new dances. I need to see BTS simply being BTS. No really assuaging us… the way to our souls is to simply give us another provocative, strong stage.

10. [+11, – 1] Kindly quit burning through BTS’ time with this stuff and have them center around creating song collections and shows. How might you be so voracious?

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