In the photo of Han Sohee's dog, the dog owners are delighted with the situation.

article: “We had fun too” The main character of Han Sohee's photo… What is Kang Xue, a 15-year-old dog, doing?

source: Via Naver

[+377, -9] I'm really curious about the psychology of the woman who finds and posts pictures like this. It's funny.

[+252 -4] I hope your dog lives a long, healthy life and brings much happiness to your family.

[+137, -67] Taking a photo of a dog giggling with a toy sword… to threaten Hye-ri… Is Han So-hee a psychopath? Hahahahahahaha

[+61, -1] It's clear that Han Sohee has some kind of mental problem. Her agency should investigate the clinic.

[+59, -3] Hyeri dated for 7 years, promising to talk after the breakup, but 4 months later, news of their relationship surfaced in the media… Han So-hee responded with a photo of a dog holding a knife… especially as someone I liked. I'm so disappointed. And the image of her smiling brightly while showing off her coupling ring at the airport is still immature… but it seems like she is no longer interested in the public's view of her ~~

[+45, -1] I never want to see Han So-hee or Ryu Jun-yeol on the news again, so it's ridiculous that their images could be ruined in an instant like this.

[+42, -0] Kanshe, I wish you a happy and healthy life~~

[+28, -2] It's so disgusting that an innocent dog like this would be used in a personal fight. She can try anything she wants, and she can never escape her accusation of being a homewrecker.

[+24, -1] Now Han So-hee can't stand it anymore. Watching her dramas, movies, and commercials makes me vomit.

[+23, -3] Can you imagine how Hyeri felt when she heard all this news? As a woman, how could Han Sohee be so inconsiderate? It's even more surprising that Ryu Jun-yeol was also present at the time she posted the photo of her knife.

[+18, -0] Yeah, I don't think it will last at all after this.

[+16, -0] Kansheya, enjoy a healthy and healthy life~

[+9, -0] We live in an era where even people like Lee Kang-in have their images ruined due to exposure… Han So-hee has no chance of surviving.

[+9, -0] Kangswe is a cutie. I hope you live a happy and healthy life!

[+7, -0] The fact is that this photo is neither famous nor popular. I searched to express a very specific feeling lol.

[+6, -1] A celebrity expressed this anger by stealing a photo of someone's precious dog without consent… Fortunately, the dog owners were grateful for the attention and left the scene.

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