Oli London wants to be like Koreans with genital reduction surgery

1. Although I can see that he loves Korea, I wish he would learn to love himself more.

2. Jimin, mmm?

3. It seems that news of the diminutive size of Korean men has reached the other half the world.

4. It’s just so funny. The size of Korean men is known by the entire world

5. The whole world knows that Korean men are small, I’m sure.

6. What???? It’s 3.5 inches on average. It’s 8 cmI think he misunderstood his statistics. Korean men are 2 inches long. To be truly Korean, your height must be reduced to between 1-2 inches. Only then can you fully understand the joys, and sorrows, of the Korean man.

7. If 3.5 inches seems too large, you can change it to cm

8. It’s obvious that Korean men are now small.

9. Jimin had appendicitis surgery on yesterday. I hope he isnt laughing too much at this news. Your stitches will be ripped out.

10. Anybody mad about this? Let us know in the comments… We all know your size

11. It’s hilarious, but I think the entire world has heard them.

12. Korean men should be so mad at emojis.


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