Karina and Lee Jae-wook acknowledged their romantic relationship.

article: Lee Jae-wook ♥ Karina, public dating doesn't have much impact on image… “Because we’re both similar in age and pretty.”

source: Star News through Nate

[+48, -9] Karina's fans are jumping up and down.. They're already making a fuss by posting a photo of her tearing up the photo card.

[+21, -2] SM stock price plummeted haha.

[+17, -2] I don't think this will be good for her team. As a member of a girl group, it feels like dating rumors started pretty quickly.

[+7, -4] I think it's because we are similar in age, and I don't think there was any separate scandal haha.

[+4, -0] It may not have much effect on Karina's image, but SM stock price is now ruined.

[+1, -0] So aespa is done with this…

article: Espa Carina and Lee Jae-wook are in a relationship..'Date at home at night'

source: Korea iBlog through Naver

[+247, -8] Have a happy love. There is no problem with a pretty man and woman dating like this haha.

[+95, -16] Haha, why do celebrities always seem to be “still figuring it out” when they get caught? Haha, what is it that I can’t figure out more and more? What more do you need to know?

[+35, -2] Ugh, if I only think about the hate I'll receive from those people, I'm sure they'll break up soon… I wish they'd just leave it alone.

[+24, -3] Well, that's it for aespa… I think it's too fast.

[+21, -1] The male actor has nothing to lose with this relationship. Rather, it strengthens their image and lets them know that they are desirable. It is girl groups that always suffer. It's only been 4 years since your peak, so how many male fans do you think will decrease? For girl groups, it's always best to just hold back and release things in their late 20s. That's right. Idols can love freely. However, you need to calculate the risks not only to yourself but also to your group members.

[+17, -0] It shows that idols do everything they can no matter how busy they are.

[+15, -3] aespa is now over

[+14, -2] I think the two of them get along very well.

[+13, -3] Karina lacks a professional mindset…

source: Naver

[+318, -66] The popularity is dropping drastically~

[+222, -39] Espa is in its prime right now, but it's over now ㅠㅠ

[+118, -7] I was surprised by Lee Jae-wook’s age.. I thought he was in his mid-30s.

[+51, -2] They must really be in love for it to be revealed that quickly. Most people initially deny this or ignore it altogether… but this is truly surprising for a 4th generation girl group. I wonder if this will open the floodgates to other people's relationships lol.

[+31, -5] Jang Won-young and Winter still remain.

[+49, -27] Why is this goddess dating someone like that?

[+16, -1] But who is he? Until now he had never heard of that person…

source: Naver

[+528, -28] They are such a beautiful couple.. I support you.

[+266, -10] I have a feeling they'll break up pretty quickly, but Kareena feels really special and exclusive…

[+103, -0] The moment you are exposed to the media, you will become like Jisoo and Ahn Bo-hyun.

[+99, -3] It's like the daily life of an idol group… After about 4 years, they get caught up in a dating scandal and are pushed out of the top ranks, and in the 6th or 7th year, their contract ends, they go solo, and they get bought out. A building somewhere in Gangnam disappears for several years, then returns with a new, mature appearance in entertainment or dramas and continues to be active, or it disappears completely.

[+28, -5] Karina's popularity right now is no joke… I wonder if this will be a blow to Karina's career ㅠㅠ Of course I support her, but Jisoo didn't make it public until 10 years later as a member of Blackpink

[+27, -4] I think it was a foolish decision by Karina.

[+9, -0] Wow, I’m jealous. I hope they have a long and happy relationship.

[+12, -4] SM is so bad that the news about Karina shakes the stock price lol.

article: SM stock price falls due to Espa Carina-Lee Jae-wook dating news

source: Via Naver

[+803, -27] SM fell 3%, but Hive fell 7%… If it's because of Espa's dating scandal, what happened at Hive? Are BTS dead? Stop telling these made up stories…

[+293, -8] Why blame aespa when Hybe also failed? Hybe is down 7%, what's your story? Are New Jeans getting married?

[+192, -9] Let’s all just worry about ourselves, guys.

[+162, -25] I know who Karina is… but who is Jaewook Lee~?

[+58, -8] Is a 3.47% drop these days considered a drop?

source: Insight through Instagram

[+1,864] I'm so thirsty, I think I need to drink some Clorox.

[+1,293] Jaewook Lee, now you have to pay 10 times more taxes

[+1,207] I didn't want to know this…

[+751] It's a bit surprising because it's a super random combo… It feels like eating macaroons and crab sauce together.

[+873] Let's all find out together

[+464] It's shocking that he's 27 and Karina is 25.

[+322] I'm not feeling well, you better not mess with me today

[+100] It suits you well ????????

[+51] It looks good ????

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