[INSTIZ] Honestly, if you look overseas, isn’t there also NEW-AE-I-LE?

New-AE-Le-I or New-Le-Ae-I.

New Jeans is really number one.
And in second place will be the national and international aespa, Le Sserafim.
And in fourth place is overseas IVE.

Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Seriously, if you look overseas, isn’t there also NEW-AE-I-LE?

1. I hope all the princesses have fun.
2. However, if you want to look overseas, Newgene >>> Le Seraphim > Espa > IVE
3. I thought IVE would be popular overseas?
4. I think it's true
5. I think it's a bit low to compare idols from large agencies with idols from small and medium-sized agencies and say, “We won.”
6. Actually, number one is NewJeans, so the rest of the rankings are meaningless.
7. But if you look at our country alone, it is New Air.
8. New Air
9. However, if you combine the domestic level and the international level, it is New-I-Le.
10. I listened to New-I-Le more.
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