Netizens demand answers from Hybe regarding his alleged involvement in the Dahn World cult.

article: Hive side, “We will take legal action” against rumors related to pseudo-religion and BTS marketing

source: Newsen via Nate

[+186, -9] Why won't they debunk the rumors of their involvement in the Dahn World cult?

[+107, -8] The court sentenced your intervention. Just because you call it a “baseless rumor” doesn’t mean the sentence will be thrown out.

[+84, -2] Typically, a scandal begins with an article explaining what the scandal is, and then the company issues a statement. Funny enough, there is no news talking about the scandal, but the first thing we see is the statement.

[+15, -1] Hive deleted all the cult posts and only left this message haha. There must be something suspicious.

[+18, -1] Wait a minute, is Hive calling the court's decision a “baseless rumor”? Haha, are you suing the judge now?

[+8, -1] Well, that's it for Hybe. Bang Si-hyuk is too risky for shareholders to continue.

[+1, -0] I'm sick and tired of agencies always threatening legal action whenever my back is against the wall, tsk tsk.

source: Idol issue through Instagram

[+100] Why aren't there any articles about Hive's cult in the media lol?

[+173] There was no one who directly disliked BTS, but on the contrary, people were praising that BTS was able to grow into such a good group under such an idiot producer.

[+22] So will the idol issue be resolved with Hive or something? Why aren't there any posts about cults?

[+95] what?! There is no one who hates BTS. I am proud of everyone who has grown under Mr. Bang.

[+19] Min Hee-jin left this cult company with a new pair of jeans and wanted to protect them. Everyone go watch the ‘OMG’ music video

[+9] Everyone, go watch the ‘OMG’ MV

[+3] It's hard to call cult claims slander when they appear to be absolutely true.

[+3] I don't know much about cults, but I'm curious to see how Hive handles hoarding rumors.

source: Published by King TV through YouTube

[+700] Do you really wonder why the media keeps quiet about pseudo-claims when they love sordid topics like this?

[+1,500] I love how there are hundreds and hundreds of articles in the media about Minzy's kalguksu scandal, but not a single word about the sweet world cult.

[+1,200] Bang Si-hyuk, how did you feel when you saw the ‘OMG’ MV mocking Dansegae? Haha, Si-hyuk, I’m so sad.

[+634] Everyone, go watch the ‘OMG’ MV before it gets erased again ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

– [+23] I just did that and it's so shocking.

– [+11] Min Hee-jin failed when Bang Si-hyuk released ‘OMG’. This is because the lyrics seem to praise a cult, and in the music video, the girls are admitted to a mental hospital during the lyrics. , which basically means that Danworld cult members are mentally ill. This was part of the KakaoTalk conversation that Minhee Jin showed at her press conference. This music video was produced without Bang Pig’s permission. Anyway, go and find out for yourself.

[+418] I'm so upset that there aren't any articles like this in the media right now… I'm so angry that one company has the power to make someone disappear like this. I hope Min Hee-jin wins.

[+2,000] Finally this came out. Hybe also recommends that you do not delete this item.

[+739] I was like, “Huh?” At first, the more I looked into it, the scarier it became… There are definitely parts that sound forced, but there are also so, so many parts that sound too true… It's hard to think that it's all just that. coincidence…

[+894] There were a ton of articles saying that Min Hee-jin was collaborating with a shaman, but now there isn't a single article saying that Hive is collaborating with Dan World?

[+864] I think I finally understand why many people thought the New Jeans music video and lyrics were offensive… Fighting, Min Hee-jin

[+716] Min Hee-jin won again

[+827] As a fan of the Hive group… I'm honestly sick of it. From singing skills to management and now participation in this cult.

[+421] It’s so quiet on Naver that it’s creepy haha.

[+738] “The day Jiwon broke up with his girlfriend”

– [+48] Wow, I'm crazy hahahahaha

– [+88] The day Heejin was in trouble

– [+58] GFRIEND’s representative song ‘The Glass Bead Turned Red’…

– [+43] Oh my oh my “God” But are you the one? (It's just you)

– [+21] The day Jiwon broke up with his girlfriend

[+83] Min Hee-jin is an amazing person who has held on to all this for this long… and is still trying to attract the public with her clues like this… Fighting!

[+212] I almost want to believe that all of this is fake. Because if it's true, it's so disgusting and ugly.

[+225] The lyrics of 'ETA' say 'The day Ji-won broke up with his girlfriend'… Director Park Ji-won of Hive. “Only the day you didn’t come to my birthday party” Bang Si-hyuk, never congratulated him on his New Gene debut

[+319] Hive was so into the media play that Min Hee-jin and the shaman were actually involved in something much worse lol.

[+39] Min Hee-jin…what did she fight against all this time?

articleBTS, pseudo-religion? Groundless rumor” Hive takes legal action

source: Hankook Ilbo Naver

[+819, -7] It's not BTS that's the problem right now, but Bang Si-hyuk has a lot to explain…

[+396, -5] Hybe believes in the Dahn World cult.

[+353, -2] Wow, the reporter's amazing news about Hive and Dan World has finally come out ????????

[+198, -2] People have been making a fuss since morning about the Danworld incident, and I wonder if this post will also be deleted…

[+187, -1] Look at the Hankook Ilbo ball rolling hahahahaha

[+135, -0] Everyone wants answers to the cult allegations, but Hive is here talking about BTS as if they are the subject of controversy… No one is asking about BTS, but what happened to New Jeans 'OMG'? I am asking for an explanation.

[+89, -0] BTS may not be involved in a cult, but Hybe certainly seems to be. There is now too much undeniable evidence. And I'm watching comments being deleted in real time on the 'OMG' music video.

[+86, -0] I understand that some of the plot is really forced, but… this is actually… scary lol.

[+76, -2] It's crazy how much the media has spammed Min Hee-jin, but now it's crickets about her involvement in a cult.

[+63, -0] Comments on the 'OMG' music video are being deleted in real time. All the community boards are debating this issue now, but there isn't a single article about it in the news. what's the matter?

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