YG’s sales continue to fall despite Black Pink’s release


Article: YG’s stock drops to all-time low after black pink‘s solo comeback

Source: Herald Economy via Naver

[+1,379, -13] They saw how 2NE1 was thrown to the side, why would they want to stay?

[+434, -10] Shout out to YG for dumping 2NE1 and focusing all their energy on black pink. All opinions must be true that YG doesn’t take care of you if even black pink, who YG gave everything, better leave…

[+218, -12] I wonder why Yang Hyun Suk thinks he’s good enough to produce Baby Monster… He says he treats them like his daughters, but you have to treat them as artists ??? You’re just a back dancer, take your hands off the production, keep your face off the TV, and go away… All you’re doing is making the public more uncomfortable, it’s not helping you in court. ..

[+152, -13] I feel like YG could do a lot better if they just get that booty down…

[+50, -1] The parts only shine when they come together, nothing separates

[+40, -5] Seeing YG’s progress makes me realize how amazing JYP is

[+26, -1] Aren’t members supposed to be poor? Is it not popular? They have grown as much as they want and are more comfortable doing their own thing.

[+28, -4] In comparison, TWICE released 3 albums and 12 minis in 8 years while black pink only released 2 albums and 3 minis in 7 years. Why would they want to stay with YG after that? Members are making the best decision here.

[+19, -0] It looks like Baby Monster will not be successful for them either

[+12, -0] The thing about life is that it always changes eventually. I’m sure they’ll get another batch.

Source: Naver

[+741, -24] YG has lasted this long based on pure luck because Yang Hyun Suk is not talented enough to warrant this level of success.

[+137, -15] Yang Hyun Suk has no talent… his entire wealth is based on Kwon Jiyong and black pink, all of which he earned by riding in the pants of Seo Taiji and Children.

[+78, -4] Yang Hyun Suk may be good at covering up your mistakes but he’s not good at negotiating contract renewals.

[+36, -0] When I hear YG, the first thing I think of is Burning Sun

[+15, -0] Well, they lied that the members were renewed when they didn’t and they enjoyed the high stakes from that.

[+15, -3] The prices of the products are falling very low for something that is not very big … it is still being updated as a category, and the income is very high for idol groups earn from concerts and album sales, all of which are owned by YG. copyright to…

– [+17, -1] Therefore, members will prioritize their personal schedules. The partial contract is just a nice illusion. They will not be able to come back if a member chooses to be too busy that year.

– [+3, -1] Because everyone knows that the truth is a breakup

– [+9, -1] Just let them experience life in the real world on their own for 1-2 years, maybe 5 years, and see how cool it is. They will return to their groups. Just let them release even one solo album on their own. They will find that there is not much money left after all is said and done. It seems that Jisoo also wants to go on the move but only the first time he was given permission to use the name “black pink” in their marketing. Is it just Jisoo? Look at how Hyeri struggles even after a megahit like ‘Answer’… She hasn’t done anything since. The truth is that it is more difficult than you can imagine.

[+14, -2] I think Baby Monster’s first fight was a better affair than black pink. Stocks reflect the value of your future and are just proof that Baby Monster’s future looks bleak.

[+8, -1] YG should be broke

[+7, -1] YG has played with Baby Monster too much. There are so many great groups out there with so much competition, even more than black pink did before, but YG thinks they can just rely on their name and stay at it. upon their laurels. I don’t even know what’s going on with Baby Monster’s ads.

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