Complaints made against Han Seo Hee for Katalk Leak's interaction with male actors

Article: [Exclusive] Han Seo Hee receives a written complaint about a Katalk interview with a male actor revealing “I came to my hotel”

Source: Money Today by Naver + Nate

[+860, -9] What a constant message of life. From habitual drug abuse to dragging other celebrities into their mess fresh out of prison…I hope you're high again, otherwise why would you drag someone's name so publicly like that?

[+148, -5] The best celebrity student ever. He was a student of the past years and yet he had a greater reputation than any top star.

[+97, -9] Im so tired of hearing news about it

[+55, -4] What did his parents do to make his life so messed up?

[+50, -3] It is a riding town

[+36, -0] You really wonder why anyone would maintain a friendship with her at all

[+19, -2] Why is such a beautiful and rich girl so alive…

[+2, -0] What a waste of youth and beauty?

[+0, -0] He looks like the top 1% and yet acts like the bottom 1%. Life is really like living YOLO. Parents bet i rotted to his death.

[+0, -0] Here is the grim reaper. Who is his next target?

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