Netizens react to Sakura's post about Le Seraphim's Coachella performance

article: Criticism of ‘poor vocals’ on stage… Reseraphim Sakura ‘Best Stage’

source: Central via Naver

[+998, -11] I know you had a hard time getting there, but don't forget that you are a singer… The second generation of K-Pop had nothing but pure will and will to make K-Pop what it was. Today, their vocal skills are the foundation of their talent. If you chose a stage representing K-Pop, you should have at least performed at a level appropriate for your profession… Why should the audience be nervous about your song? Surely you've looked back at your performance and realized there's really something wrong with this? ㅜㅜ I hope that Le Seraphim can develop further and achieve more results through this.

[+590, -10] People pay to see you perform, not a bunch of kids performing what amounts to a talent show. No one is asking you to “not make a single mistake on stage” when you haven’t even been able to put on a perfect performance from the beginning.

[+379, -10] It's crazy to make excuses for someone who failed at their job lol It's sad, I worked hard and made all these excuses but no real change.

[+248, -4] No one is perfect. You are right. But there are standards the public expects you to meet. Unfortunately, you don't meet that criteria. Rather than stubbornly pretending that nothing is wrong, please look back on your current performance. Don't dismiss criticism as hate. Prove that you are worthy of the fame and money you are earning.

[+214, -9] Kura… Maybe it would have been better to stay quiet here… Huh…

[+126, -3] This is your job. You have to be good at it. If the rest of us don't do our jobs properly, we get fired.

[+101, -3] She is an example of exactly why Japanese idols have never been able to achieve what Korean idols have been able to achieve. Why AKB fell and why Japan doesn't have its own BTS. We all share the same sentiment: “There is no need to work harder to present a perfect performance to the audience, the only important thing is to think that we did a good job.” Is Le Seraphim the beginning of a mindset that will spread to our industry as well? Are you trying to bring down Korean idols to the level of Japanese idols?

[+81, -1] They have too many fans and too much fame for what they lack in talent.

[+67, -1] Can you imagine a doctor failing a patient and telling them “no one is perfect”? How can you excuse your professionalism like this? If this is going to be your mindset, why bother getting this far?

[+65, -2] If having fun is important to you, go to a karaoke bar and sing. The only people you should entertain are the ones who paid to see you there…

[+51, -1] Sakura… your skills are the worst for someone who debuted 3 times…

[+46, -1] Sakura, it's been 10 years since your debut, why do you have an excuse?

[+40, -0] If you truly believe that your performance was the 'best' you could have done, you don't deserve to be called a professional and should just retire.

[+37, -1] No one demanded perfection. We asked them to adhere to the most basic standards. At this point, it would be selfish to expect praise for your skills.

[+32, -2] To be honest, I was embarrassed… I think we should aim to become a K-pop group that doesn't feel ashamed and doesn't leave their country. We're all bowing our heads when we hear you live, but don't you think real pros should cringe? If you don't feel the same way, maybe you should become a dancer instead.

[+31, -1] If it's important to you to feel like you did a good job, stay home. It is a very irresponsible excuse to make in this situation. Idol is a job and you are expected to do better.

[+31, -1] Don't you consider yourself an expert? Can you imagine if a professional athlete completely failed a game or competition and could only say that they did their best to be happy and that it was an important process? That's what amateurs say! Professional money should not be accepted for amateur performances!

[+25, -0] Kura, it’s not important that it was fun, it’s important that the listeners didn’t have fun ㅡㅡ

[+24, -0] This is not right. The public says she lacks singing skills, but she counters by saying, “I did my best,” and that's all. Did you know that your career depends on public support?

[+23, -1] Everyone worked hard to create the K-Pop market so that all the Hive bastards could destroy it hahahahahaha Le Seraphim, ILLIT It was created to completely destroy the market by spamming the market with low-quality products hahaha It's the same way Korea has historically done. what a perfect match

[+22, -1] It is expected that this is exactly what a Japanese girl group member would think.

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