Wow, the nails of female idols are so fierce


1. It’s similar to Cardi B’s nails are in good shape.

2. I was thinking it was Cardi B.

3. Hul , they’re stunning. Do you think it’s Cardi B.?

4. Wow, daebak. It’s gorgeous. The nails on the picture are are particularly flamboyant. I’ve not ever seen anyone perform wearing nails this extravagant.

5. If I felt uncomfortable, I’d be miserable.

6. I’d like to peel mangos using these nails

7. This is specifically designed for stage use, right?

8. My fingers are getting heavy with this speed.

9. Wow! The second is just stunning.

10. Do we really need to grow our nails in order to make it look attractive do we need to? It’s a total look.


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