Park Yoochun’s comeback preparations have been terminated, and the court has upheld the restriction on celebrity activities

1. [+394, -1] Hul, he was truly attempting to comeback?

2. [+244, -2] When you consume drugs, I suppose everyone ends up with eyes like these.

3. [+164, -2] Too many celebrities with thick skin believe they can recover from a situation like this. I wish there were more controls in place to ensure that they never return to celebrity endorsements.

4. [+121, -1] Just a heroin addict trying to claw his way back after running out of money.

5. [+65, -5] Too soon for a return; maybe after 50 years.

6. [+35, -0] He should be barred for life. You don’t get to take drugs and conduct s*xual assault and believe you deserve to be a public person. You’re a thief.

7. [+23, -0] There is no space in business for someone with your face… There is an abundance of younger, more attractive males.

8. [+13, -0] So, who is the director that wanted to cast him while knowing he was banned from the industry?

9. [+11, -0] He must believe he can claw his way back since he knows he still has followers who support him. How could you be so thick-skinned as to believe you can return after all the candals you’ve caused?

10. [+9, -0] Because he’s spent his life like a pig, his lovely face has such a bad physiognomy.

11. [+8, -0] I’m more interested in the director’s mind that they believed they could employ him.

12. [+6, -0] Is there nothing else he could be doing? Simply put anything on YouTube… and if no one notices, you should start searching for employment at the grocery store, cleaning labor, or delivery warehouses… There are several clean vocations that benefit society.


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