Dispatch has obtained a witness that Park Min Young received 250 million won from her ex-boyfriend

Article: [Exclusive] Confirmation that Park Min Young received 250 million won in “living allowance” from Kang Jong Hyun

Source: Posted by Nate

[+369, -3] It's not like he doesn't have enough money, so I don't understand why he's attracted to her. Why does she need a “living allowance” from him??

[+312, -0] Even his current drama is related to him, which is not surprising;; ㅋㅋㅋ It looks like he and she are still involved in some way even though they've “broken up” on paper.

[+143, -0] There is no end to human greed

[+121, -0] Why does she cheapen herself by covering herself in Dior and Chanel logos like this

[+83, -0] He should be making good money himself, why does he need more? Hmm

[+35, -0] He quickly cut her off and acted like he was thinking.

[+31, -1] He was his sponsor at that time?????

[+31, -0] And what did you give him for that money?

[+29, -0] His picture is awesome ㅋㅋ

[+27, -0] ㅋㅋㅋ Ah~ one can buy Park Min Young for 250 million won a month

[+24, -0] I was very happy but seeing this really broke my face towards him. I should have unfollowed. It's not like she's a nameless woman. He has been in the business for a long time to make his own money, why is he so greedy? I don't think I can immerse myself in his dramas anymore.

Article: Park Min Young feigns insanity… admits that she kept 250 million won in her bank account that she borrowed, but she never used it.

Source: Star News via Nate

[+212, -0] So you gave that 250 million won then? ㅋㅋㅋ It was already said in court that you used the money as your “living allowance”

[+125, -0] So you drank and drove before you got drunk?

[+100, -0] It is illegal for you to let him borrow from your bank like that

[+71, -0] Does that mean he has confessed to a crime? But why aren't the police doing anything about this? Are there hundreds of millions of winnings involved here?

[+7, -0] Aigoo-ya, what are you going to do with your drama now

[+7, -0] The whole world knows that a sponsor can buy him for 250 million won a month, maybe he's too embarrassed to tell the truth and thinks it's easier to say it's his account I bet he didn't know.

[+6, -0] Have you ever seen smoke without fire? Your excuse sounds like it came from the head of someone stoned for brains

Source: Naver

[+259, -11] What a joke. So you used the account and didn't know how much money was in it? You're greedy, aren't you?

[+153, -1] Why would you let him borrow from your bank account? I mean he's putting money in there that's a problem… I can't believe someone asked him for a new story after all this.

[+84, -0] It's illegal to let someone use your bank account… what's his end game here? He should be put out of business.

[+36, -1] He is lying and thinks everyone is as dumb as he is

[+14, -0] Did you know that giving someone else access to your account is against the law?

[+10, -0] He is proving himself to be a fool. Allowing someone to borrow your account is a crime

[+4, -0] I will never understand him. He makes good money from his own talents, why would you date an ajusshi ㅡㅡ he has built enough of a career that he can marry a fellow superstar instead of

[+4, -1] She has ruined her life by getting involved with the wrong person. No public should admit that they allow a criminal to borrow from their bank like this.

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