FT Island's Choi Jong Hoon looks to his Japanese community for support after getting out of prison

Article: After serving a prison sentence for 'Burning Sun,' is Choi Jong Hoon ready for Japanese promotions? “The first greeting in five years”

Source: Insight + Wikitree via Instagram

[+122] Who's coming in like o*x crime?

[+116] Isn't he shy…

[+77] Don't worry, bye ㅋ…

[+76] Such thick skin ~~ where is your shame~~!!!!~~~~

[+48] You can't fix people

[+42] Even if he can get a job in Japan, there is no chance of that in Korea.. exiled for good here! And Jung Jun Young! And Seungri!!

[+40] He really paints a bad picture for celebrities

[+33] What a joke

[+31] The surprising thing is that the fans will support like *x crimes even… wow.. they shouldn't feel humiliated or ashamed. Birds of a feather, huh?

[+29] Your mother just said that you are living in the arms of God, so you are going to Japan to earn money? ㅋ

[+18] I am speechless, and hopeless

[+17] Back to where? The only recourse is to go back to jail

[+16] No, you should not be seen in public for the rest of your life

[+16] It must take virtue of a different kind to be famous…

[+15] No one believes you will regret it when you return to the business

[+12] And I hope the Japanese got rid of him

[+10] Well, you don't have to worry about coming back to Korea ㅋㅋㅋ stay there. AV is legal there so you can pursue everything you like ^^

[+2] I don't get the religious side of it either, how can you call yourself religious after all you've done…

[+4] This thick skin..

[+8] However, a crazy person will be willing to marry her in the end…

Source: Naver

[+210, -1] Garbage should go in the trash can, there is no thought or regret for these people

[+49, -1] His mother is dragging her own son to the pit of hell…how can you bring God's name for him!!!

[+40, -0] What a picture…the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, judging by his mother

[+30, -1] Does God want to forgive everything? Even your son's gang activities r*pe?

[+20, -0] Maybe the mother needs to know that her child ended up the way she did because of her religious selfishness to prioritize her own pain and not the pain of others.

[+12, -0] The only people who should offer forgiveness are the victims, not God

[+11, -0] People like him and his mother only end up hating religious people more. Do you really think that God will solve all these things for you? Silly.

[+10, -0] Aha~! Did God tell your son that he should play women?

[+8, -0] Uh… he's like*x criminal… spent two years in jail…. for gang r*pe……. don't forget the facts here

[+8, -0] His parents are the cause of his problems

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