Taeyeon is going to be “Mc” For Queedom2

The symbolic lead musician in KPOP’s international stage!
The wannabe of most female groups, we bring in you Queendom2’s MC Taeyeon

1. [+111, -20]
She matches it well, today, she is creating the experience of her as a lot and an MC of woman groups select her to be a role model

2. [+77, -16]
Queen Taeyeon!

3. [+53, -8]
Looking forward!

4. [+44, -2]
I have often believed that way but how come there a lot of Taeyeon haters on PANN… Exactly how could an idol that debuted in 2007 even now have numerous haters..

5. [+42, -35]
Absolutely no but how about Lee Dahee? Lee Dahee was extremely perfect ㅜㅜ


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