Seraphim Yunjin receives comments on Instagram calling for a boycott of Starbucks

articleLe Seraphim Heo Yun-jin attacked on Instagram after posting a photo of Starbucks coffee

source: Insight + Insight through Instagram

[+253] nonsense;;

[+69] Why would anyone expect a celebrity to care about world peace?

[+69] Seriously, what the fuck lol. One side is going crazy with idol dating, and the other side is going crazy with idols drinking coffee. Haha. It's a mess.

[+50] Why do people always think everyone should support the same thing they do ????????????????

[+35] Then I think all Koreans who drink Starbucks should be hated… ????

[+21] Don't worry about yourself drinking, and don't order others around you to drink.

[+19] I think it would be the same as an American singer with many Korean fans promoting a Japanese product at a time when Korea-Japan relations are sensitive.

[+18] It's so ridiculous that they would do something like this at Starbucks lol.

[+15] Idols can't date… they can't drink… Do fans think of celebrities as pets??? doll?????

[+8] I have nothing more to say. How difficult the world we live in is.

[+2] Now drinking coffee has become a reason to be hated…

[+1] Starbucks in Korea is owned by Korean stocks, so it is only Starbucks in name and has nothing to do with the Starbucks that foreigners talk about.

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