Koreans make a ‘nose mask’ that is intended to be used in restaurants

1. This is a prank

2. It’s funny even with a gorgeous model sporting it..

3. Simply stuff cotton in your nose instead..

4. Are people sane?

5. The purpose of masks for face is that it covers the mouth and the nose as both are used for breathing and for blocking the particles of spit… it’s an absurdity. I’m afraid that I’ll encounter people wearing this.

6. A very self-centered mask. The wearer does not have a problem spreading their germs all over the world, but they refuse to breathe in the air of anyone else’s.

7. It’s awkward… it’s like it’s like you’re wearing an irritant over the inside of your nostrils…

8. What about your saliva? eueu;

9. Let’s make it clear This mask was created to be worn by people who eat in of restaurant. The idea behind this mask isn’t to only wear it outdoors.

10. The purpose of wearing this type of mask is the be worn in places of dining. In such a setting it’s much more likely that germs will be shared, no matter how far distance is maintained between the people. Instead of everyone removing their masks perhaps it’s safer to wear masks for the nose while eating.

11. It’s a mistake. The virus could still get via your mouth.

12. Stay home and avoid wearing this.


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