AB6IX representatives disprove Donghyun’s relationship rumor

1. We shouldn’t try to find our way into the lives of idols and their relationships. They keep denying it all. I wish adult idols would stop dating. Who cares if they are two adults?

2. He would be remiss to not meet her after the fan meeting, especially when there are homepage admins and sasaengs around the day.

3. It would be hilarious if Jang Moonbok kkk was the girl.

4. People should stop being so critical of idols who are dating. They are celebrities, but they still have the right to date. It doesn’t really matter if they aren’t committing any crimes.

5. It would be nice if their agency kept their mouth shut as they do every day. They have always kept their mouth shut no matter what fans request. And despite all the times that they do speak up, this is a strange excuse that makes this scandal even worse.

6. Oh, my goodness! I can hear the fans’ hearts breaking all the way from here.

7. He touches the stomach of a friend from his hometown

8. Are you guys able to wrap your arms around your friends?

9. It is strange to act this way with a friend from your hometown.

10. No one in the world will wrap their arms around someone they don’t know…

11. He should just admit it’s his girlfriend. He makes it look like a perv for pretending that she is a local friend. This agency is terrible at managing everything.


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